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A complete vacation is when you experience every facet of the place you are visiting. Vietnam is a beautiful country and is so, no matter how you travel; air, bus or train. Vietnam offers an excellent train system long with great airfare deals for those who prefer it. Vietnam rail, which is spread across the country, is really re-unifying the whole country, from north to south, by providing transportation for the tourists headed for different parts of the country.

Vietnam City Tours

Vietnam has many cities to visit but special mention should be made here of Hanoi, the capital city and Halong Bay. Hanoi deserves a special mention not only because it is the second largest city in Vietnam but will also play host to the 2019 Asian Games. Hanoi travel is also very popular as it has a culture boasting to as far as 3000BC with the first permanent settlement, Co Loa citadel going back to approximately 200 BC. The Halong Bay is deemed a World-heritage site by none other than UNESCO and is definitely worth a visit. What better way to experience such ancient cultures than buying and using the Vietnam Train Ticket!

Reasons to Take the Train in Vietnam

Vietnam offers excellent air conditioned trains as one of its major modes of transport. Tour operators offer many train packages to idyllic locations like Hanoi, Hue, Hoi An, Nha Trang and Saigon... etc,. where you can see stupendous natural beauty. These train tours offer tourists a safe, inexpensive and an interesting option to people who want experience the real Vietnam. The
Reunification trains offer you a much relaxed alternative to the frenzy of flying by air. It also saves time and more importantly gives the visitors a chance to meet and interact with the locals.

Buying a Vietnam Train Ticket

Ideally, Vietnam tour operator sites give detailed information on purchasing the best train tickets during their travel. These websites give vital information such as the beginning and termination points, date, time and cost of the tickets along with what they can expect during the journey. Some tour operators also offer excellent discounts for children as well as groups. These comfortable trains offer great choices in terms of sleeper coaches as well as dining on board. This saves a tidy sum on hotel accommodation too. A reliable tour operator will also guarantee a secure mode of payment so vacationers can go ahead and book online to get the best early bird discounted rates that could be on offer too. It pays to see what is on offer before making a final decision.

It is the unusual and interesting things that make one holiday unique and different from the next. If you are one of those who do not mind steering away from the ordinary then the Vietnam train ticket might be just the thing for you.