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Train Hanoi - Nanning

Train Hanoi to NanningDaily direct sleeper train from Hanoi to Nanning (China)

A comfortable daily overnight train links Hanoi and Nanning, which started running in January 2009.  This is a standard-gauge Chinese sleeper train that runs all the way from Nanning to Hanoi.  The timetable is as follows, but always double-check times locally as they keep changing the exact times.  The distance between Hanoi and Nanning is 396km.

  • Hanoi - Nanning

Soft & hard air-con sleepers, train MR1 / T8702


Hanoi (Gia Lam station)depart21:40                day 1
Dong Dang (Vietnamese border)arrive02:00                day 2
Dong Dangdepart03:00                day 2
Pingxiang (Chinese border)arrive03:41                day 2
Pingxiangdepart05:41                day 2
Nanningarrive09:05                day 2
  • Nanning - Hanoi
Soft & hard air-con sleepers, train T8701 / MR2


Nanningdepart18:45                day 1
Pingxiang (Chinese border point)arrive21:11                day 1
Pingxiangdepart22:41                day 1
Dong Dang (Vietnamese border)arrive23:22                day 1
Dong Dangdepart00:22                day 2
Hanoi (Gia Lam station)arrive04:45                day 2